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Home Buying Tools

Start your home buying process today!

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Step by step process of purchasing a home

Pros and Cons of Buying Vs Renting a home

Acceptable sources of funds for down payment and closing cost

Area Medium Income Lookup Tool.

Helpful videos outlining the home buying process

Documents required for  mortgage loan process

Free Fannie Mae online certificate course for first time homebuyers

What to do and what not to do when applying for a home mortgage loan

The only source for your free annual credit report authorized by federal law

Calculate Your Total Mortgage Payment   

Calculate your total mortgage payment with our easy-to-use calculator. It’s quick, it’s simple and it will help you make the best decision for your financial future.

If you are considering buying a home, it's important to know how changes in the variables of your mortgage will affect your monthly payments and total amount paid over time. 

Use our Mortgage Calculator tool to estimate what your monthly payment would be if you were to change any variable of the loan (i.e., interest rate, term length, or down payment). You can also use our calculator as an amortization schedule template for when you're ready to pay off the loan early!

Are you an aspiring homeowner? or Need a little guidance with refinancing options? Start your easy online application today! and quickly get free official quotes from a licensed lender.


The best time to start taking control of your financial future is right now!

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