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Mortgage Required Documents

When buying a home in Florida, whether it be your first or tenth, you should make sure to get pre-approved with a Florida licensed lender. To do so, you would send over all of the documents below and let the lender evaluate your specific scenario. It is advised to get this done prior to calling a realtor, this will ensure that you are one hundred percent ready when going home shopping and you have your official pre-approval letter to place an offer on the home of your dreams before another buyer beats you to it.

This will allow the lender to address any issues that could successfully be resolved.

If you start looking at homes prior to getting Pre-approved, no doubt your "dream home" will catch your eye. The only problem is that if it's not in the budget for now and can't be financed until those issues are cleared up first, then there may need to be a change of plans! By the time you resolve the issues the home of your dream could be just a dream especially in a competitive housing market.

Once you find your dream home, you’ll be asked to spend upfront money for an Earnest Money Deposit, an Appraisal, a Home Inspection and possibly a Survey. If for some reason the mortgage loan can not close because you of an issue that could have been rectified initially, you would be in danger of losing your hard earned money. The best way to avoid this is to get pre-approved first.

1) Last 2 years FEDERAL  tax returns. They MUST be signed.
2) Last 30 days of paystubs
3) Last 60 days bank statements
4) If applicable: Last quarterly Asset Statements (401K, IRA, Stocks, Bonds etc…)
5) If applicable: Divorce decree with any Child Support payments
6) If Applicable: Bankruptcy documents
7) If you’ve had a Foreclosure, you will be required to go to the County where the house was and obtain the Warranty Deed that shows when the property was sold out of your name.
8) If Applicable: If you are not a US Citizen, they will need a copy of your Work Visa or Resident Alien Card

9) If Applicable: Any Social Security Documents that prove income for self or dependents

Please note additional documentation may be needed depending on your unique scenario and loan program.

List of Required Documents 

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