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Why So Much Excitement About Epique Realty?

Updated: Mar 18

As a licensed realtor and loan officer, I've been in the real estate industry for over 7 years, and my wife, Antonella Martino Santos, for over 8 years. Joining Epique Realty was a decision we carefully considered, especially since my wife was used to the big-box office brokerage setup. However, after comparing and contrasting, Epique stood out as the best choice for us.

One of the key reasons we're thrilled about Epique is its exceptional culture and support system. The training provided is top-notch and continually improving, ensuring that all agents have the tools they need to succeed. This collaborative environment is unique, as everyone is genuinely invested in each other's success. Each state has its own state broker under the Epique Realty umbrella, and each agent gets assigned an area leader as soon as they sign up. You also have your sponsor and a growing support network of Epique agents that are willing and ready to help you get to the next level.

Apart from the fantastic culture, Epique Realty offers game-changing benefits to all its agents. These include healthcare, a transaction coordinator, listing signs, billboards, car washes, prescription medicine, profesional listing photos, luxury listing signs and riders, listing post with instalation services, Dot loop, Lofty CRM, AI tech, Earth to Orbit, agent hub 360 and much more. Our founders are impeccable negotiators and are always negotiating with vendors for new benefits or going back to our existing vendors and renegotiating a better deal. The more we grow the more negotiating power we have. But what truly sets Epique apart are the two incredible long-term opportunities it offers: stocks and revenue share.

Epique is currently a privately-owned company with plans to go public in 2026. The share price is independently valued by Deloitte, one of americas leading audit, consulting, tax, and advisory firms. When I started as agent #364, the share price was $0.36 cents. Just a few months later, with over 1000 agents and growing, our share price is valued at $0.53 cents, a 68% return already. Additionally, Epique allows agents to invest 10% of their commission to purchase company stock at a 20% discount. This means that by just capping your first year, you could have invested around $10,000 in company stock at a 20% discount.

Imagine when Epique goes public at a modest $5 per share and your average share price or cost basis is $0.53 at a 20% discount that would be an actual price per share of $0.43 rounded up to the nearest cent. That means you would have 23,255 shares of Epique Realty Stock. Your initial $10,000 investment would now be worth $116,279!!! and that's not counting the free shares agents receive for doing what they are already doing like joining, closing a first transaction, capping, attracting, and becoming a power agent.

This is a modest estimate, considering our competitor reached $90 at its all-time high, and they can not come close to what we offer as a brokerage. While their stock price is declining, ours is just getting started. This is just one year's worth of investing; the plan is to go public in 2026, so as an Epique agent, you're truly getting in first.

The second compelling reason we are so excited about Epique Realty is agent attraction and revenue share. After years at a big-name brokerage, we were only able to attract 3 agents to our downline. Epique has changed the game , it makes it easy to attract agents because of its amazing benefits, structure, technology and culture. Also, Epique Realty is borderless meaning you can conduct business in multiple states withought paying any additional brokerage fees as long as you are licensed in that state but you can attract agents from all over the nation. Plus we have plans of going global!

Revenue share allows agents to build an organization within the brokerage and establish residual income that can continue after retirement. In just a few months, our Santos Home Team organization has grown to 10 amazing agents from around the nation and counting. We feel blessed and honored to be some of the first agents in Central FL to take this leap with Epique Realty.

So, when you see our excitement about Epique, you now understand why. If you want to be just as excited as us, reach out to learn more. Epique Realty is the truth!



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